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Press Release

SAMPLING secures additional $2M in funding

SAMPLING has raised $2 million in additional funding led by the venture capital firm i&i Biotech Fund (i&i Bio) and joined by and Formic Ventures. The investment will further advance R&D, hiring, and business development.

Clinical research funded by Czech Ministry of Industry

Project BIODE (Biotechnologies for detection of tumor cells) placed in the top 10% and received funding approval from MPO as part of the program Application VIII. The project is planned for two years in collaboration with the Charles university hospital and is focused on validating SAMPLING diagnostics for detection of tumor cells and stem cells in various types of blood cancers.

Diagnostic research laboratory certification

SAMPLING took another major step towards realizing the diagnostic potential of its technologies by receiving authorization from the regional certification authority to conduct diagnostic research involving clinical samples of peripheral blood.

Partnership agreement with i&i Prague

i&i Prague, a subsidiary of IOCB (a leading institution of the Czech Academy of Sciences), and SAMPLING signed a partnership agreement to support commercialization of living diagnostics for drug discovery and bioengineering.

Milestone achieved unlocking further financing

SAMPLING successfully completed another technological milestone significantly increasing the capabilities of the PIC platform. The milestone represents progress in terms of sensitivity (an order of magnitude improvement) and specificity (detection of a more diverse set of targets). The milestone also has financial consequences in unlocking further funding to support further innovation.

SAMPLING secures $760K in follow-on funding

SAMPLING and BPD partners signed a follow-on funding agreement to support expansion of automation facilities, computing technologies, and protein engineering materials, which are pivotal for further growth.

Milestone achieved unlocking further financing

SAMPLING successfully completed its first technological milestone validating the concept of living diagnostics in a laboratory setting. The milestone represents the foundation of the SAMPLING platform and is the first example of living organisms genetically engineered to analyze cellular objects. The milestone also has financial consequences in unlocking further funding to support validation of the approach in a practical setting.

Innovation project in collaboration with Charles University

SAMPLING and the Biomedical Centre, Charles University Faculty of Medicine, signed a collaboration agreement in a project funded by the city of Pilsen. The project addresses cell line development for diagnostic benchmarking.

SAMPLING secures $1.7M in milestone based seed funding

SAMPLING, a single cell technology company, secured its Seed Capital raise of $1.7 million. The capital will support the company’s ambitions to develop the next generation of single cell diagnostics. The seed funding round was entirely financed by BPD partners (Draslovka, DIANA biotech, Nanuncio, Ginkgo Bioworks, Scipher Medicine, Q2Pharma). The agreement is associated with two technological milestones that progressively validate the approach.

Construction of facilities completed

SAMPLING makes home in its new laboratory space. The wet lab and dry lab facilities are located in the Faculty of Applied Sciences adjacent to the existing Synthetic biology laboratories. SAMPLING and the University of West Bohemia also signed a collaboration agreement providing the company-wide access to the research centre’s resources.

Laboratory receives City Prize for innovation in biotech

An eight-member team led by the young scientist Daniel Georgiev won the City Prize for yeast based technologies. The mayor awarded the prize during a ceremonial meeting at the Pilsen City Hall on 98th anniversary of the country’s independence.

Articles of Incorporation

XENO Cell Innovations s.r.o. (fully owned subsidiary of Sampling Human, Inc.) was founded by a three-member team of your researchers, Martin Cienciala, Daniel Georgiev, and Hynek Kasl, looking to develop a new generation of information technologies using synthetic biology.