We're on a mission to couple health-related decisions to their effects at the single-cell level.

Join our New Product Development team and innovate future biotechnologies together with your colleagues.

This unique cross-disciplinary position combines Synthetic Biology, Molecular Biology, DNA/RNA analysis, Oligonucleotide design and modification, and Assay development to develop and validate Sampling Human’s single cell tools and platform technologies.

What you'll be involved with

  • Strain design efforts and execution/management of all tasks leading up to the finished, validated organism
  • Protein engineering efforts including library design and high-throughput analysis
  • Development and validation of NGS based methods for nucleic acid analysis
  • Optimization of formulations and assay formats using automation and computational analysis
  • Proposal of bio-foundary improvements/changes
  • Documentation and reporting of experiments and results

Experience, Skills, Attributes

  • PhD. in Molecular biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, or related field
  • Have excellent proficiency in techniques related to DNA amplification, assembly, analysis, sterile work, quality monitoring of standard reagents
  • Good knowledge of laboratory techniques related to DNA design and recombinant protein production
  • Led independent laboratory projects with successful results
  • Self-starter, strategic thinker, and action-driven
  • Able to troubleshoot issues related to quality control in executing experimental protocols
  • Demonstrated hands-on experience in assay design
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills
  • Demonstrated scientific publication abilities
  • Attention to detail & patience

Extra credit

  • Experience working with bacterial and yeast systems
  • Experience with protein engineering by rational and high-throughput methods
  • Experience with protein production and purification
  • Experience with bioconjugation of nucleic acids and proteins
  • Experience with DNA/RNA analysis and troubleshooting
  • Experience with isothermal methods for DNA amplification
  • Experience operating liquid handling robots and other laboratory automation tools
  • Experience with DNA design and cell-based assays


  • Macbook + iMac + iPad
  • Opportunity to travel to San Francisco
  • Relocation Assistance and Support
  • Free garage parking
  • Snacks, drinks, and yummy (vegan/vegetarian) lunches from local bistros
  • Fully stocked espresso bar
  • State-of-the-art R&D facilities for molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell culture
  • Opportunity for career growth and budget for your self-development
  • Top-notch music system is as much of a laboratory staple as is our biosafety cabinet.
  • Team events

Work Environment/Physical Demands

This position involves working primarily in an office performing ad-hoc administrative tasks on a regular basis. As such this position requires the ability to stand or sit at the bench, the use of computers and standard office equipment, and the capability of lifting 15-20 pounds. The position requires analytical skills, attention to detail, and excellent time management, as well as communication with other team members.

About Sampling Human

Sampling Human, Inc. is a life science tools company developing novel technologies that go well beyond performance limits of flow cytometry to democratize high-throughput cell assays and liquid biopsies. The Company has developed a method of harnessing living cells to analyze other cells. Sampling’s novel biocytometry platform is a next generation single cell technology characterized by unparalleled sensitivity and cost effectivity and commercialized through a portfolio of reagent kits sold for uses in research as well as personalized medicine.