We're on a mission to couple health-related decisions to their effects at the single-cell level.

Join our New Product Development team and innovate future biotechnologies together with your colleagues.

This unique position will help establish pilot scale manufacturing of our kit technologies that will disrupt how complex single cell data is measured in research and medicine.

What you'll be involved with

  • Quality control of engineered strains, which means funcitonal assay of cell-cell interactions and cell viability
  • Precise cultivation of engineered yeast strains and benchmarking of growth conditions
  • Treatment, handling, and desiccation of microbial cultures
  • Preparation of kits using liquid handling and packaging technologies
  • Testing of kits and user protocols
  • Preparation of all relevant media, stocks and cultures
  • Close interaction with the operations and R&D teams in work execution
  • Careful documentation of tasks performed and results

Experience, Skills, Attributes

  • B.S./M.S. in Molecular biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, or related field
  • Good proficiency in standard laboratory techniques related to sterile methods, media preparation, etc.
  • Good knowledge of laboratory techniques related to microbial cell culture
  • Experience with basic microscopy techniques
  • Self-starter, strategic thinker, and action-driven
  • Able to troubleshoot issues related to quality control in executing experimental protocols
  • Demonstrated hands-on experience in microbial assay
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills
  • Attention to detail & patience

Extra credit

  • Experience working with recombinant technologies and cloning
  • Experience with mammalian cell lines
  • Experience with clinical samples including lysed blood and mononuclear subpopulations
  • Experience with yeast manufacturing and desiccation
  • Experience operating liquid handling robots and other laboratory automation tools
  • Experience with cell-based assays

Work Environment/Physical Demands

This position involves working primarily in an office performing ad-hoc administrative tasks on a regular basis. As such this position requires the ability to stand or sit at the bench, the use of computers and standard office equipment, and the capability of lifting 15-20 pounds. The position requires analytical skills, attention to detail, and excellent time management, as well as communication with other team members.

About Sampling Human

Sampling Human, Inc. is a life science tools company developing novel technologies that go well beyond performance limits of flow cytometry to democratize high-throughput cell assays and liquid biopsies. The Company has developed a method of harnessing living cells to analyze other cells. Sampling’s novel platform Diagnostics-On-Target is a next generation single cell technology characterized by unparalleled sensitivity and cost effectivity and commercialized through a portfolio of reagent kits sold for uses in research as well as personalized medicine.