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SAMPLING is on a mission to elevate societal health with living diagnostics that detect disease and measure effects of lifestyle choices at the single cell level.


DNA you inherit
Cells you make

SAMPLING aims to bring single cells to the forefront of preventive health and lifestyle choices.

Cells are the fundamental units of life and disease. Many cell types maintain our bodies’ normal functions. Other anomalous cell types emerge to initiate disease. Association of cells with outcomes is largely missing because “diagnostically speaking” important cell types are very rare and routine identification and analysis of single cells is economically impractical.

Until now.


Single cell analysis
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A breakthrough platform for clinically relevant access to the full spectrum of single cell data.


Personalized medicine must consider context to be precise. Cells are the most basic units that combine metabolic, environmental, and genetic effects. We address a wide array of single cell features.


Systemic disease originates from within. Its traces are averaged out in standard molecular analysis. High-dimensional cell states encode body’s physiological state. We strive to make high-dimensional readout routine.


Each cell in a drop of blood has at least a million copies elsewhere in the body. Each cell represents an important piece of health data. We aim to uncover valuable cells amongst billions of background cells.


Cellular analysis is hard. Cells are analyzed one-by-one with expensive instruments. We break from this dogma with the first living cellular analyzer.


Elevate single cell data
to societal health

Discovery of single cell biomarkers to guide preventive healthcare and lifestyle decisions.

The human body is an orchestra of cells. Its tissues are dynamic processes initiated at development and maintained by multipotent and immune cell networks. Systematic resolution of key roles and underlying cell types is a recent endeavor. Through a global effort, the scientific community is beginning to uncover the complex cellular composition of the human body.

Yet points of origin remain a mystery for most systemic diseases. They are seldomly inherited and rarely completely genetic. Rather disease originates from fragile metabolic and genetic conditions acutely impacted by the environment. Phenome-wide association aims to uncover vulnerable cell types to pre-empt domino effects and avoid irreversible damage. Sampling Human aims to be a global leader in this effort.

Join the single cell health community and let's grow personalized healthcare.