Sampling Human is on a mission to weave single-cell precision into the fabric of our lives.


37 trillion cells to measure

Our bodies comprise 37 trillion cells each contributing to or impeding our health. Current technologies can only evaluate cells one at a time through brute-force approaches. These inefficient methods mean only a miniscule portion of information is gathered to translate single-cell knowledge into actionable insight. Consequently, current health decisions are made by regulators, physicians, and pharma with an incomplete picture of underlying cell biology.


Programming samples to resolve themselves

Sampling Human has made a scale-shifting breakthrough in single-cell analysis. In a sample, our next-gen bioparticle technology resolves every cell, all at once. By engineering powerful pattern recognition with biology, we’ve enabled samples to essentially analyze themselves. SAMPLING’s solutions leapfrog complex instruments, raising the capacity of single assay to billions of cells at a time rather than thousands. With this unprecedented increase in information, cellular responses become meaningful and actionable.


A platform to power products that improve human health

Blockbuster drugs like Keytruda have already demonstrated the value of single-cell biomarkers. At SAMPLING, we know this is just the beginning. Our platform powers the translation of a wealth of data into practical solutions in fields like drug discovery, diagnostics, and medicine. These products will weave cellular evidence into our daily health decisions.

Join our single-cell community, and let's revolutionize human health at the cellular level.

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